New Year, New Start?

2020, the year of a clear, focused vision.  The year that was destined to be OUR year, the one the world was perfect, that we created all that WE could be. It started full of promise and ended with many wishing it death, full of dread and disdain.

2020, the year that Taco Tuesday fell on Cinco de Mayo and Halloween on a Full Moon Saturday. The Christmas “Star” would make its first appearance in nearly 400 years.  We saw Mars disappear in a rare event, had an unusual occurrence of a Series of Supermoons, and a  lunar eclipse on the 4th of July… and worldwide we have experienced one of the worst pandemics in recent history.  With an estimated 1.82 million deaths over the past  365 days, directly associated with Covid and, in my opinion, an untold number of others from things such as depression, riots, and unknown means.

2020, was the year full of connection, while in isolation.  As a world, our ability to connect has never been better, yet our feeling of isolation never felt so strong. It saw countries close their borders; businesses, governments, and friends close their doors.  We witnessed riots, social unrest, and political decisiveness.

But we also were witness to the planet healing itself. To the beauty of nature, and of people helping others.  We saw families spending more time together, parents became teachers, “menial” jobs became respected, and even honored.   We have seen a shift in the “way” things are done, in how we live.  I believe we have witnessed a change in the way we view what is important, in how “We” want to be as a society.  This is the beginning of the shift, the sand beneath our feet is still moving, and will most likely continue to do so until the end of my time.
Personally, in 2020,  I found myself searching for answers, meaning, and how I am to be on this big blue marble.   Even now, on the dawn of this new chapter, this new year, I fight back the tears and self-doubt… the depression and loneliness of isolation. I feel the promise of the new year, but the heaviness of not belonging.

While the year has left a feeling of heaviness, it brought about many understandings and time with my granddaughter.
This year will be me, unplugged, as I examine all of the things that have bubbled up for me over the past 365 days. I will examine the world, life, and relationships (with self, with others, and with the world). This examination will happen via typed word, spoken word, art, and imagery.

I will become the “man” in the mirror…