What a week...

As I sat in dismay over the events of Wednesday I found myself wanting to hold on to history, not to continue it, but instead to learn from and teach it to future generations in hopes of a better world, a better understanding of where we came from, where we are and how to move forward to a better future,  a better way.

So how do we as a society, as a country, move forward from here...from the events of the past 10ish months?  How do we come to some sort of agreement between two sides that hold dearly and adamantly to certain values?  How do we cross over and move beyond the fear of not being heard, of feeling invisible?


Finding a way to love and listen… have meaningful conversations and discourse with those with whom you might not agree with.  Listening to viewpoints other than your own. 


I loved my Grandmother dearly, she played a very important part in my life, my past, and my beliefs.  She passed down to me one of the things I treasure most,  a  handwritten account of my family history, and photos.  Making a book with these stories and images all in one place is in the plans... these stories and people shape who I am, how I feel, and what I believe.  



How do you keep a record of your past? How do you pass down the lineage of your history... 

Making it a priority to keep the history of me, the history of our family, so that my grandchildren will know where they came from… so they can move forward.  


Creativity helps to keep me sane, sort of, and truly the jury is still out. When I have days, weeks, or months like we have all had over the past 10ish months, I turn to create things, to bring beauty into the world. This week I took several flowers, bottles, lighting, and me dancing around light stands and tripods!  Then hours of editing... 500ish images shot, one broken bottle, and a few not-so-nice words spoken, but I feel 100% better...

What do you do to center and recharge?


Here is one of the images from the shoot.  SunnyReflections